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Justice is the foundation and object of any civilized society.  The quest for justice has been an ideal which mankind has been aspiring for generations down the line. Preamble to our Constitution reflects such aspiration as 'justice-social, economic and political'.  Article 39-A of the Constitution provides for ensuring equal access to justice.  Administration of justice involves protection of the innocent, punishment of the guilty and satisfactory resolution of disputes.

The world has experienced that adversarial litigation is not the only means of resolving disputes.  Congestion in court rooms, lack of manpower and resources in addition with delay, cost, procedure speak out the need of better options, approaches and avenues.  Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism is a click to that option.

Mahatma Gandhi had put in correct words as : “I had learnt the true picture of law.  I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men's heart.  I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder.  The lesson was so indelibly burnt into me that a large part of my time during the twenty years of my practice as a lawyer was occupied in bringing about private compromises of hundred of cases.  I lost nothing thereby-not even money-certainly not my soul.”

This has been rightly said that: “An effective judicial system requires not only that just results be reached but that they be reached swiftly.”  But the currently available infrastructure of courts in India is not adequate to settle the growing litigation within reasonable time.  Speedy disposal of cases and delivery of quality justice is an enduring agenda for all who are concerned with administration of justice.

In this context, there is not only a need to provide access to justice for all but also there is  an imminent need to supplement the current infrastructure of courts by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms. Accordingly Indian Judiciary thought it fit to take upon itself the task of implementing the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, in its letters and spirit. The District Legal Services Authority, Malda ( DLSA, Malda ), is another culmination  of this  humble effort  to provide free legal services to all those who are eligible for it.

It is the solemn endeavour and pious objective of DLSA, Malda to spread throughout the district the light of basic knowledge about rights in law and consequent duties of citizen towards our nation and also to provide effective platform for the ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION through LOK ADALAT, MEDIATION & CONCILIATION - so as to make the maxim “where there is a right there is remedy” a concrete axiom.

I once again sincerely hope that efforts of DLSA, Malda with its empathy and sheer hard work, will usher an oasis by providing instant justice at the door-step and considerably reduce the load on the courts and deliver social justice without any substantial cost and  pave way to this pivotal & heritage district, once the capital of GOUR- BANGA and now the gateway of North Bengal ,  towards a new horizon of an egalitarian society, that we dream of.

We would be looking forward to your active cooperation, constructive criticisms and helpful suggestions.

Thank you,
Shri Uday Kumar
Chairman, DLSA, Malda